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Bungalow on the kampot sea
Kayak & co fish option for lunch
Kayak & Co's Kayak
Kayakers of Kayak & Co
Little kayaker of Kayak & Co
Kayak & Co's Kayakers

I – Can the trip be potentially cancelled? ✅

Yes, as safety is the one of the top priority for Kayak & Co we will not charge you in this case. As the weather is usually more efficient on morning, that’s why we choose to start in the earlier.

II – There is food options for lunch? 🍜

We propose you various plate to share : Fish, Chicken, Vegetables & Rice!

Come and enjoy your meal!

III – There is a risk that kayak’s sinks? 🚣🏻‍♀️

No, we specially choose unsinkable Kayak which have been experienced before being bought.

IV – What should I bring with me on? 🥽

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes that can get wet, sunscreen and a hat. 

V – How many people can go on the tour at once? 👫

Our half day tour can m up to 10 people, the smaller and quieter the group, the greater the chance of seeing birds.

We can welcome more than 10 people, but it’s only on private tour. Call us first for more details. 

VI – Can children participate in tour? 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Yes. Kayaking for the first time at Kampot is the opportunity to keep an unforgetable memory of his/her first experience. Children (under 12) pays halfprice for the same experience. 

⚠️ Each child must be accompanied by an adult on the Kayak. 


VII – Do I need to know how to swim to go on the tour? 🛟

No. Kayak & Co provides life jacket in different size (from S to XL), to be in perfect safety condition.   


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